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Four Simple Ways to Promote The ProLife Message

Four Simple Ways to Promote a Pro-Life message

QUESTION: What are some simple pro-life activities that almost everyone can do with very little effort, which will bring the pro-life message to a large number of people, and cost next to nothing?

ANSWER: Wear a precious feet pin, use pro-life bank checks, put pro-life stickers on mail and a pro-life bumper sticker on your car.

The "Precious Feet" pin the exact size and shape of a pre-born child's feet at ten weeks after conception (Also now available "Precious Hands.") I have had little children come up to me at the mall or grocery store and ask me what my pin is, and when I explain it to them they often get a bigger sibling or parents to "come see" and often exclaim "Look Mommy, it even has toes!" (Out of the mouths of babes…The Gospel of Life.) 90% of all abortions in the United States occur in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy, and most people still have no idea how well developed the pre-born child is at the time of the abortion. Wear a precious feet pin and help educate these people of the development of this precious pre-born. And in these days of colored ribbons to symbolize all sorts of things, I have included a small pink and blue ribbon behind my precious feet pin to highlight the pin. One morning the grocer asked me what the ribbon was for, and I had yet another opportunity to proclaim the message of life. Contact our office for a pin if you don't already have one. We have both silver and gold pins.

Pro-Life Bank Checks - Several of our regular contributors use pro-life bank checks. Each time you write a check about 15 people see it by the time it is returned to your bank. An average person uses 300 checks per year. Using pro-life checks will boldly put the pro-life message in front of 4,500 people with no additional effort on your part. These checks carry attractive pro-life pictures and messages, which varies from check to check within the same set. Some of them show a mother and child, others the precious feet described above. Sayings include: "Abortion stops a beating heart" and "Every Baby is Wanted by Someone."

To order, contact Identity Check Printers,
PO Box 1057, Park Ridge IL 60068.
Telephone 1-773-992-2051.
Website to preview/order

Bumper Stickers - Bumper stickers not only provide something for the person behind you at the stop light to read, they also capture the attention of pedestrians out for a stroll and shoppers walking past your car at the mall. Contact our office, or order from Heritage House, Life Cycle Books or Victory Won (addresses below.) We also have magnetic strips that allow you to put the sticker on the magnetic strip and then attach to your car, so you can rotate several messages.

Stickers/Stamps on your mail - Placing envelope stickers on your bills and mail, bearing pro-life messages is another activity that can save lives. Have you noticed the four special stamps we use on all our envelopes? These stamps are available from Heritage House for $5.95 each. Stickers are available from Heritage House, Life Cycle Books and Victory Won.

Hearts have been changed and lives have been saved by means of these simple activities. None of them costs very much, and once you start to use them, they are "automatic" - they keep speaking to people while your mind is on other things. These methods proclaim the message of life in a non-threatening way, to all people including those who do not want to hear our message! Yet unless the tragedy is faced it cannot be eliminated! Help break the silence of abortion by using these simple actions, and by inviting others to join you in a "silent" yet bold proclamation of the message of Respect for Life from Conception to Natural Death.

Heritage House 76, 919 S. Main Street,
Snowflake AZ 85937 1-800-858-3040

Life Cycle Books, LPO Box 1008, Niagara Falls, NY 14304-1008 (800) 214-5849 (fax 1-888-690-8532)

Victory Won PO Box 101, Davenport, NE 68335 (800) 767-7258