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Two Mothers - A poem

Two Mothers
- By Donna Saunders

They were both in their twenties.
Both Beautiful and young.
And God created life within them.

They each conceived because God designed it so.
Yet neither one was planned.
One child however was conceived in love,
within a marriage
And realizing that new life was forming - they rejoiced.
The other child was conceived from violence - a rape.
At a party and drugged,
She awoke to this trauma, this violation. She grieved.
When she discovered a life growing within her,
She rejected any loving thoughts toward it.
She denied it.

Each child grew.
A doctor monitored one -
watching and measuring the growth
God watched and formed each of them in secret,
One Mom wore her new clothes with pride,
Tenderly touching her womb Just as "Expectant Moms" do.
The other hid her growing womb,
Wearing tight clothing to minimize,
And large tops to hide.

Family anticipated and rejoiced with one
Family didn't even know with the other.

Their time approached.
One anticipated with joy.
One with fear and dread.

And God's plans prevailed.
His purpose for each one.

One born into the family he will be raised with,
The other relinquished,
IN LOVE - in adoption
To a family of God's choosing.

Two mothers - no three.
Two go home with babes in arm.
The other alone.
Alone in her pain.
Alone in her secret.

Lord let her glimpse the plan you have for her
and for her child.
Meet her in her need and heal her.
Oh great Physician - Creator of Life
Reach down and rescue this lost young woman
Loving her through me.